Since I was a kid I used to draw little doodles on anything I could lay my hands on. Later on, I went to art school and got fascinated by my mom creating the most beautiful pieces on her sewing machine.
My own passion for fashion only kicked in after my graduation when I started to earn my own money which was most spent on beautiful pieces of clothing.

Expressing my personality by creating my own style has been the common thread running throughout my life.

7 years of sewing class made me see fashion and fabrics from another perspective. Fashion books, beautiful images, fashion shows and just regular people on the street who captured my eye, slowly lifted me up to a next level: fashion photography.

Today I continue my journey combining my 2 favourite passions: shooting beautiful images of people who stand out of the crowd by the way they look. I want the world to see fashion through my own eyes capturing beauty everywhere I go and sharing it with you.

Thanks for stopping by.